While studying in Israel, I felt like I always being suffered from poverty because of the high living prices and my position as a foreign student. As a course project of masters degree in Bezalel, I started to investigate where the poverty comes from in my life. Then I realized that the only moment I feel poor is when I face with the numbers in red that indicate minus in my bank account, no matter how much money I have. So I decided to live without the numbers around my life by erasing numbers of money and also not checking my bank account. For a practice, I tried to remove symbolic characters of coins which give values to the coins such as numbers, colors and symbols. Also I am using my own bank account called Zero Life account which helps to keep my everyday spends in zero according to an equal truth to everyone,

"We're born with nothing, and We die with nothing."

Number and Money      
Symbol and Money      
Value and Money from Jaebeom Jeong on Youtube.