My special experience in the Kibbutz Revivim during my stay in Israel gave me a chance to see how my life has been so complex in the city such as Seoul and Jerusalem. After I came back to Jerusalem with this question I started to observe people in the street to observe the complexity of their life. Through the observation of the people, I found out some people who live in a different way among the crowd such as beggars, cleaners and workers. Compared to busy people, they have a simple life by repeating a same action or movement within their own rhythm for their work and life. Their life with the repeated work might seem too simple and boring as seen from the outside, but I think when the life becomes simpler then it becomes inside richer. I tried to translate the story that I learned from people into objects which imitate the action and the movement of those people. The complex mechanism of the objects functions as a toy that change our life from complexity to simplicity. Now the objects are going to meet people to the place where they began in return for the things that I have got from the people, along with happiness.
Beggar's Hand from Jaebeom Jeong on Vimeo.
Cleaner's Broom from Jaebeom Jeong on Vimeo.    
Jerusalem Pinball from Jaebeom Jeong on Vimeo.    
Mangal Music Box from Jaebeom Jeong on Vimeo.