Paper stone has a same color and shape copied from a real stone found in Jerusalem except for its weight. The idea is from Japanese tradition that people give a stone which looks like their mind to express one's mind to someone without saying words. Paper stone becomes to have same weight of the real stone when you fill your mind inside. Paper stone has been exhibited at Gwangju Design Biennale in 2013 and Jerusalem Design Week in 2014.
Furniture designer, Jaebeom Jeong from Korea and Ceramist, Tamara Ben Arzi from Israel founded a design studio, NaturefromNature in common interest of the value of nature. NaturefromNature aims to design products that are copied from nature things by using digital technology today trying to bring the real value of nature into the artificial nature. By doing so, our products ask a question to people about the relation between real nature and artificial nature beyond design products so that connect people closer to the nature.