YIPIN ART SPACE, Hangzhou, China
  Bongsan Cultural Center, Daegu, Korea
  Gachang Art Studio, Daegu, Korea
  Beomeo Artstreet, Daegu, Korea
  Photographs by Kim Tae Hyung
  Binymini Center, Tel Aviv, Israel
  The “About Design” program is pleased to announce the opening of its graduate exhibition that will take place on February 19th, at the Benyamini Center for Contemporary Ceramics in Tel-Aviv. On this occasion, the 8 new graduates of the program will display their final projects.
In an era when the real and the virtual are used alternately and simultaneously in the creative process, the exhibition explores 8 variations of instrument modification, be it instruments for production, for thinking and designing, for observation or for everyday use. The interdisciplinary nature of these projects is apparent in the use of hybridization to modify and change, as each project brings together ideas and methods from various fields.

Exhibitors: Avi Orr, Jaebeom Jeong, Dana Ben-Shalom, Yael Hollander, Yaron Hirsch, May Ksirrer, Neora Zigler-Rosenberg and Rami Tarrif.