For many years, I have been working as a furniture designer. Especially, I was fascinated by designing chairs in a sense that chairs are objects which are very close to human body than other things. For that time, I felt connected to objects working with physical materials with my hands. That explains why I still work with objects and people either as an artist or a designer. Since I graduated Masters degree in Israel, I have become interested in working for people and society rather than for conventional art scenes such as exhibitions and galleries. My graduation project, Simple Life is dealing with people living in a simple way, such as beggars, sweepers and workers who are unintentionally living against our capitalism society. The project was inspired by my special experience in the community in Israel called Kibbutz Revivim. In the Kibbutz, the way of life is very simple and well organized by the rules of the Kibbutz compared to our complex life. I created objects which implement repetitive human movements by the mechanism imagining the world as a huge mechanism operated by different components playing its role without errors and mistakes in a complex system in order to deliver the laws of Simple Life. As an artist or a designer, I use objects as a tool to help people understand our society to link between people by understanding the relation between people and objects. The objects I create will give people a moment of happiness by experiencing and participating it and hope this moment continues to the power to change awareness of people beyond the works of art and design for our better world.